The Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSE) for NPOESS

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Sponsored by
The NPOESS Integrated Program Office (IPO)
Dr. Steven Mango - Project Manager

Cosponsored by
NOAA/Office of Atmospheric Research (OAR)
NOAA/National Environmental Satellite, Data Information Service (NESDIS)

OSSE Project Description

Schematic Diagram of OSSE

Reports and Preprints

Preprint for 8th IOS at AMS 2004 and Presentation in Jan. 2004

Progress Report submitted to IPO in June 2003

Presentation at DWL Working group in June 2003, Bar Harbour Maine

Presentation for DWL workshop in March 2003

Preprint for 15th NWP in August 2002

Preprint for Sixth IOS at AMS January 2002

Preprint for 11th conference on Satellite in October 2001

Reports from Review Panel

Preprint and presentation for NWP14 in July 2001

Preprint for Fifth IOS at AMS2001

Preprint for 13th Conference on NWP

Evaluation of the ECMWF Nature Run cloud

Preprint for 3rd IOS at AMS99

Preprint for 1st IOS at AMS97

Notes and results from on going work

Note on Cloud track wind simulation

Note on DWL wind simulation

The Nature Run data at NCEP

Tables and constants used for OSSE

Diagnostics of the Nature run

Simulated data for the OSSE

Some initial results

Link to other OSSE sites

DAO/NASA OSSE home page

NESDIS OSSE home page

Simpson Weather Associates, Inc., OSSE/NPOESS Homepage

EMC home page.

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